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Student Success
Academic Advising 
McAfee Institute has representatives that are able to assist students by providing information about the courses, policies, procedures, and eligibility requirements that the students may have. The advisor can suggest courses and what might be a good fit for the student, but it is the student’s responsibility to complete their certification. 

Course Assessment 
The course assessment is the final exam. The student will be required to complete and pass the final exam. Learning Management System Thinkific is the learning system that McAfee Institute uses. All students will be required to use this system for their course. When they purchase the course, they will log into the system and use the student dashboard that will house all of their courses.   

Career and Employment Services 
McAfee Institute does not help the student with finding employment. We offer a forum for all our alumni and within this forum, they can look at job postings, upload their résumé and talk with other professionals. 

Study Help 
McAfee Institute is committed to helping its students succeed. If there is a student that is having difficulties in their course they can get on chat and speak with someone immediately. If it is during non-business hours, they will be helped at the beginning of the next business day. If that will not work, the student may speak to the instructor by setting up a meeting. The instructors are usually able to help the student within 24-48 hours. 

Textbooks and Study Materials 
All of our courses have everything needed within the course at the time of purchase. The courses have the manuals, videos and tests included in course.   
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