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We develop industry leaders in the intelligence and investigative sectors and would love to help you and your team take their professional skill sets and leadership abilities to the next level this year.
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The Benefits of our Programs vs. Competitors
- Online Self Study Training Program
- Live Instructor Support
- Lifetime Access
- Tuition is All- Inclusive
- Real-World Applicable Skills
- Instructors that actually care about your success 
100% Online-Self Study Board Certifications
Our programs can be taken from anywhere you have an internet connection and a computer (of course). You can take it as time permits without losing any progress. Our programs are designed for busy professionals like yourself.
Real World Applicable Training
Our governing board and instructors are expert practitioners in each of their respective industries, all from the investigative and intelligence communities. We don't teach theory here. We teach real world applicable skills you can start use from day one with us to make an immediate impact in your organization or agency.
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