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Course Description Key
This section contains a description key of all the elements presented on each course landing page offered at McAfee Institute.  

The courses listed here are current as of February 2018.  

For Descriptions of courses approved after this date, consult the website at www.mcafeeinstitute.com.   

Title of Course 
The title of the course, as well as the certification or certificate of completion, earned upon successful completion.

The cost to enroll in the course/program. 

The language the course/program is taught it. 

Skill Level 
The course levels are determined by Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced. The courses will list what level they are within the Course Description. 

Program Duration 
The duration of the course/program in hours.      

Continuing Professional Education Credits (CPE) 
This is the number of CPE credits that are awarded upon successful completion of the program.

This is the course description, what you will learn during the program.    
Eligibility Requirements (if applicable) 
This covers the eligibility requirements necessary to attend the course/program. 

If the program is a board certification this will cover how long the certification is active and when you would need to renew your certification. 
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