Admission Policy
Admissions Classifications 

Students are grouped into two different classifications: Certification-Seeking or Non-Certification Seeking. 

Certified Seeking Applicants
Certified Seeking Applicants are students that would like to become board certified. To apply and enroll as a certified seeking student, the individual must be 18 years of age or older and meet the eligibility requirements for the certification you are attending. Our certification programs require a specific level of education along with specified professional work experience. 

Also, a person convicted of a felony, any crime of moral turpitude, or misdemeanor relating to honesty, theft, embezzlement, fraud, or the like shall be ineligible to become a board-certified professional with the McAfee Institute. The applicant must successfully pass the prescribed background check, which may include a criminal background check and examination process. Falsification or omission of information on the application form will be reason enough to disqualify an applicant from becoming or remaining a board-certified professional. 
Non-Certified Seeking Applicants 

Non-Certified Seeking Applicants need to be at least 18 years or older and have no requirements as it relates to educational experience or professional work experience.

International Students 
International students are able to attend the courses if they meet the eligibility requirements for the course. 

*All of the courses, materials and presentations are delivered in the English language.*
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