The Most Incredible Place to Learn on the Planet
Mission Statement
McAfee Institute is a Professional eLearning organization that empowers professionals with real-world applicable training to enhance their professional credentials and skill sets. We provide online courses & board certifications in the areas of Cyber Investigations, Intelligence, Cyber Security, e-commerce Fraud, Loss Prevention, Fraud, Cyber Crime, Human Trafficking, Deception Detection, and more. 

Vision Statement 
Our vision is to revolutionize the way professionals learn around the globe; our mission is to empower our students to transform the industry by leading, developing, and equipping other leaders, and to build meaningful relationships with other professionals around the globe. 

Institutional Values 
The McAfee Institute places an enormous amount of value on developing leaders within the industry. We challenge thought processes, innovative thinking, strong ethical behavior. We pride ourselves on being able to develop a solid foundation for our students to develop other industry leaders. This, coupled with the industry’s best training, provides our students with the skills, thought process, and leadership skills to elevate their careers to the next level.

Goals & Objectives
1. Provide a world-class learning experience which allows our students the ability to balance life, family, career & education. 
2. Provide and Maintain Industry Leading Standards in the Intelligence and Investigative Sectors 
3. Provide a coaching and mentoring network for industry professionals to grow, learn and help one another succeed. 
McAfee Institute, LLC, 2010 - 2018