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About the McAfee Institute
McAfee Institute is an eLearning organization that empowers professionals with real-world applicable training to enhance their professional credentials and skill sets. We provide online courses, board certifications, and micro degrees in the areas of Cyber Investigations, Intelligence, Cyber Security, eCommerce Fraud, Loss Prevention, Fraud, Cyber Crime, Human Trafficking, Deception Detection & more.

We offer professionals all around the world the ability to learn the topics they are most passionate about all online from their home, office, or anywhere else they want to learn. We are there no matter where, when, or how you want to learn something new.

Our vision is to revolutionize the way professionals learn around the globe; our mission is to empower our students to transform the industry by leading, developing and equipping other leaders, and to build meaningful relationships with other professionals around the globe.

If you have a passion for fighting crime and saving the world from harm, then explore our programs today.
Frequently Asked Questions
Is the McAfee Institute Accredited?
We are nationally accredited by NASBA, the National Accounting Standards Board Association who allow us to issue continuing professional education credits for our programs. We are also recognized by Homeland Security and the National Initiative for Cyber Security Studies (NICCS).
Is the McAfee Institute Globally Recognized?
Our programs are recognized by the vast majority of law enforcement, intelligence, and military units around the world. In addition, our program are highly regarded among the retail loss prevention, fortune 5000 and the private investigation industry as the gold standard for intelligence and investigations.
Who is your typical student?
Most of our students come from the intelligence and investigative sectors. We have everyone from Federal, Local and State Law Enforcement, FBI, Whitehouse, USSS, DOD, DOJ, Army Intelligence to Loss Prevention, Investigation & Fraud Professionals around the world.
Is the McAfee Institute related to McAfee Anti-virus
No we are not the same company. We are a law enforcement training organization focused on intelligence, investigations & the prosecution of bad guys.
Do you offer live instructor support?
Yes we do, absolutely. You can access our instructors from 9AM -9PM CST 7 days a week via chat within your course platform.
Do you offer any kind of refund or course guarantee?
Absolutely, and we are the only one in the industry that does. Experience any program we have to offer for 3 days and up to 5% of the program. If you don't love it, ask for a refund. No hassles, no question, no guilt trip. Its our love it or return it policy.
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